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Do you struggle to keep up with the rising costs of visiting the dentist? The good news is that Dental Elements are now offering an affordable solution. With our low-cost private dentistry scheme, we are making it easier than ever before for patients to receive quality care without breaking the bank. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for general maintenance or restorative treatment as long as it’s carried out by one of our general dentists – this scheme can work for anyone looking to save money on a necessary and often expensive service. Find out more about how Dental Elements are making life easier and keeping costs low for patients.

Dental Health Plans – Genuinely saves you  money ££

Dental Elements Healthcare Plan is our very own scheme designed to help our patient budget and assist by spreading the costs of important routine treatments.

Did you know that patients on a dental plan have less treatment and save money?

  • They are more likely to have fewer fillings!
  • Have fewer dental problems.
  • Decreased chance of experiencing a toothache
  • A lower risk of gum disease lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

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It makes sense…and it takes just a few minutes to set-up

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#A Dental Health Plan£21.00 per month
2x Dental Examinationsper year
2x Hygienist Appointmentsper year
2x X-raysper year
10% Routine TreatmentNon specialist only
# B Dental Health Plan£31 per month
2x Dental Examinationsper year
4x Hygienist Appointmentsper year
2x X-raysper year
10% off Dental TreatmentNon-Specialist only
# A Hygiene Dental Health Plan£11.00 per month
2x Hygienist Appointmentsper year
# B Hygiene Dental Health Plan£19.50 per month
4x Hygienist Appointmentsper year
# A Children Dental Health Plan£7 per month
2x Dental Examinationsper year
# B Children Dental Health Plan£12 per month
2x Dental Examinations 2x Hygienists appointmentsper year

Dental health Care Plan: Care Package

Include all routine dental care (excluding specialist work, lab fees, treatment carried out by someone other than your registered dentist and anything excluded by your dentist as per your contract).

These plans are specifically to your requirements. Your dentist will advise you on your required Banding.

 Per month:

Care A – £24.72

Care B – £38.52

Care C – £47.72

Care D – £62.10

Care E – £74.75

Extra Bonus for all our Dental Care plan patients

All plans for all ages include Worldwide Accident & Emergency Insurance
which includes:
Emergency Treatment cover up to the maximum value of £500 per incident world wide, with an annual aggregate limit of £1,000.
Treatment Following Accident – up to a maximum annual aggregate of £12,000. Hospital Benefit – £85 per day spent in hospital.
Oral Cancer – £3000 upon diagnosis of oral cancer.
Permanent Facial Disfigurement – Up to £550.

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