White fillings

Black stars in your teeth? A thing of the past.

Our practice is proud to offer all of our patients the highest quality white filling material. This state-of-the-art innovative formula has been chosen by our clinicians to provide durable and aesthetically excellent white filling restorations. You will have peace of mind that the filling not only looks great but functions like the original tooth.

A filling replaces part of a tooth that has been lost either to decay or accidental fracture. Tooth-coloured fillings are virtually invisible and can really improve the appearance of a smile.

White fillings can also be used to replace old amalgam (metal-based) fillings. Composite bonding is a process in which tooth coloured materials are applied to a tooth’s surface, hand crafted and sculpted into shape, hardened and then polished for the ultimate natural appearance.

Silver (amalgam) fillings with low corrosion + faster setting
Small fillingFrom £98.00
Medium fillingfrom £125.00
Large fillingfrom £135.00
White composite fillings for a natural appearance + high strength
Small fillingfrom £145.00
Medium fillingfrom £195.00
Large fillingfrom £225.00
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