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What is an iTero?

What is iTero?

iTero is a state of the-art-dental-technology that allows our team here at dental Elements to operate with enhanced efficiency.

The iTero Element Intraoral Scanner is a dental scanning system that allows the team to take scans of patients’ mouths with great accuracy and with excellent detail. Without any horrible impression materials going in your mouth.

The iTero system consists of a small wand that we inserts into the mouth and we gradually move it slowly across the teeth to acquire 3D images to construct a virtual model of the mouth.

“Using a technology such as the iTero system totally transforms the way I can work, reducing the number of times patients have to come in to see us, and it is very efficient.”  Dr Chirag Patel

If you are struggling with impressions, Ask the team for an itero scan and say goodbye to Moulds!

Patients scanned with an iTero experience 7 times fewer fit problems and 10 times fewer rejections. 

Top reasons why decided to invest in this revolutionary intra-oral scanner

  1. It is comfortable. Our patients are so much more comfortable because they can breathe and swallow normally. There is no gloopy mess which is related to impression materials. Another great thing is  there is no unpleasant taste or smell. This is a great idea for nervous patients.
  2. It is fast. Our patients can see immediately the 3D scans right on the screen. When an orthodontic treatment is planned, it delivers very fast the Invisalign treatment plan.
  3. It is accurate. The device is precise and fast, it eliminates every need of retaking new impressions. At the same time, it reduces our patient’s time in the dental chair.

It produces a perfect fit for crowns, bridges, clear aligners, retainers, and implants.

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Having an impression-free digital scan using CAD/CAM

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