NHS or Affordable Private

We are proud to offer patients a very different service at Dental Elements

There are lots of reasons why demand for private dental care continues to rise, there are some of the key reasons why people choose private treatment:

  • Every patient loves consistency with their dentist, if you like your dentist, you get to keep them!
  • We are accessible, with our open six day a week policy
  • We offer same day emergency slots and we aim to get treatment done in a timely manner so you aren’t waiting weeks or months for your dentist
  • We have experts and specialists on site all under one roof, so our patients often get a team looking after them. Two heads are better than one.

More choice

We offer all dental treatments that are currently available and are considered ‘best practice’. I.e. procedures that are recommended by research and are written about in literature.

We will always give the patient their treatment options, with the benefits and negatives of each clearly explained. This way we can offer different solutions that cost different amounts. Giving the patient true choice in their care with expert guidance.

We are not bound by NHS rules and guidelines which can limit the treatment options available.

More time

Lots of our patients tell us that as an NHS patient in the past, they felt their appointments were more rushed and the treatment was often too spaced out over long time periods. As a private dental clinic which is open 6 days a week, we are able to offer you time – time to discuss your case, time to identify the best treatment plan and time to carry out that treatment to everyone’s satisfaction.

Private dentists tend to offer longer appointment times, meaning we can get to know you individually, your dental history, your fears and also what improvements you would like to make to your smile. It is likely that should you need a course of treatment over several appointments, you will be offered dates and times that reflect the ideal gaps between each phase of your treatment rather than long waits until the next available time slot.

You may decide that the NHS is right for you – talk to our reception team who can discuss the availability of an appointment.

Our Fees
Dental Price list
Extended or new patient examination / consultation£55
Routine Examination£46.50
Digital intra-oral x-ray£13
Childrens Private Exam£25
Consults for Root canal, Six Month Smile, Invisalign, Implants£75
Broken appointment fee£30
Full Home whiteningFrom £349
Dentist - Root canal -Incisor/Caninefrom £375
Dentist - Root canal - PremolarFrom £400
Dentist - Root canal - MolarFrom £495
Specialist Root Canal Incisor/CanineFrom £550
Specialist Root Canal PremolarFrom £575
Specialist Root Canal MolarFrom £695
Gum care
Hygienist visit£59
Child (Up to 16)£29.50
Gum therapy visit (at least 2 needed)£140 each
Silver (amalgam) fillings with low corrosion + faster setting
Small fillingFrom £88
Medium fillingFrom £105
Large fillingFrom £125
White composite fillings for a natural appearance + high strength
Small fillingFrom £110
Medium fillingFrom £145
Large fillingFrom £180
Core filling buildup£100
Gold inlay / onlay / crownfrom £675
Porcelain bonded crownfrom £640
All ceramic crownsfrom £640
Post and corefrom £180
Conventional bridgework per unitfrom £640
Adhesive bridgefrom £750
DENTURES with high impact and natural gums and teeth
Acrylic partial denturefrom £550
Addition to acrylic denturefrom £95
Upper / lower acrylic full denturefrom £750
A full set of acrylic denturesfrom £1500
Metal denturefrom £850
Routine / simple extractionsfrom £95
Complex extractionfrom £135
Sedationfrom £250
kim beverley
kim beverley
07:40 16 Dec 19
My experience at dental elements was amazing. I’m so pleased with the results. Andrew spoke through many options with me, he made feel very relaxed and comfortable with every procedure I had.
SaviSilence .
SaviSilence .
17:50 03 Dec 19
Avoided the dentist for years now and I finally decided to face my fears and go for it! I went in for a tooth extraction and I am so overwhelmed with the result! Extremely friendly and lovely environment. Dr. Patel did a very lovely job. It was quick and not painful at all! I would definitely recommend!
Kate O'Reilly
Kate O'Reilly
17:07 28 Nov 19
I am overwhelmed with my experience at this dentist. The whole team is so fantastic and friendly. I'm usually really nervous but Raj made me feel at ease and before I knew it the filling was done! Would highly recommend
Matthew O'Shea
Matthew O'Shea
11:04 28 Nov 19
Spending years avoiding the dentist due tetracycline stains on my teeth, I only ever attend a dental surgery if a filling was needed or I had tooth ache. I move to Leatherhead recently and registered with Elements Dental Surgery as I needed a filling. During my session with Dentist Andrew Logeswaran I explained my position on previous dental treatments and how I’d lost faith / confidence with the whole process. I explained what I’d like my teeth to look like and wanted to work with the teeth I have. Andrew explained the process and journey we could take which I agreed. We started with fillings and I found the process very comfortable, not like the treatments I’ve had in the past. The next step was teeth whitening, I was quite dubious as I’ve had teeth whitening before with little to short-term results. First appointment on whitening was to fit the dental moulds and then started a 2 weeks process from home, with a final session at the surgery. The teeth whitening product is called ENLIGHTEN. The results are amazing and I smile with confidence every day, thank you Andrew. I’d like to thank all the staff at Elements Dentist Leatherhead for their warm hospitality and professionalism.
Rhian Jones
Rhian Jones
16:39 23 Nov 19
Andrew was fantastic and Elenor were very kind and caring. Always asking if I wax ok . They really look after me while I was having my fillings done. I really recommend having the wand it was painless.
Louise McNaught
Louise McNaught
21:14 16 Nov 19
Amazingly pain free root canal surgery which had been agony beforehand. I’d been so nervous and they put me immediately at ease. Just wonderful and highly recommend Donnie, I’ve never had such an amazing dentist.
richard b
richard b
16:19 13 Nov 19
I have been registered with the practice for some years and have recently had treatment with Chirag for a cracked and subsequently broken tooth. The level of care I have received has been absolutely exemplary. I am extremely grateful to the whole team and, in particular, to Chirag for his excellent work and attention to detail. Very highly recommended!
Emily Gilliland
Emily Gilliland
10:21 29 Oct 19
All staff are friendly and approachable. We have seen various dentist and they have all been really great with the kids!
Sarah Green
Sarah Green
08:04 22 Oct 19
The team were very helpful at finding me multiple emergency appointments when I was in tremendous pain. And Chirag gave up 2 lunchtimes in one week to fix my root canal problems, and did a brilliant job. Thank you so much!
Sarah Hart
Sarah Hart
13:50 30 Sep 19
Had a filling with Andrew the other day and he was so lovely, kind and competent. He went above and beyond, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys.
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones
12:43 19 Sep 19
I have been a patient at Dental Elements for a number of years and have always been pleased with the service and treatment. Recently, as a result of longstanding gum issues (that have inevitably caught up with me despite a lot of treatment over the years), I have had a couple of acute dental problems that have needed emergency treatment at Dental Elements. All the staff, from reception to clinical (my dentist is Donnie Graham), have been most helpful and understanding. They have dealt with the problems efficiently and effectively even though seeing me as an emergency must have disrupted their schedules. They certainly take patient welfare and comfort very seriously. It looks likely that I have to expect more problems in the future and it is good to know that Dental Elements is there to help. Thank you to everyone!
Faheem Hayder
Faheem Hayder
12:30 16 Sep 19
First of all please do read terms and conditions closely because there’s a catch if you don’t attend the appointment or missed it due to any personal reasons then you have to pay £30 because they don’t care, all they care just about money on top of that it would be sent to debt collection company to recover the cost. I had to pay this amount because intimidating text messages started to appear on my phone threatening me with consequences if I don’t pay. I mean it’s terrible how nice and friendly they trying to be on reception plus the management. it’s completely vice versa when it comes to recover money moreover treatment is also average. Totally materialistic place to deal with. Try to avoid if you can
Jo Herbert
Jo Herbert
11:27 21 Aug 19
Donnie and Sam very friendly and professional. They both make the kids feel at ease. Front of house helpful and patient in helping find suitable appointments.
Gee Tsang
Gee Tsang
13:30 02 Aug 19
You guys genuinely care about your patients - it appears the staff are also very well taken care of. It shows in their professional attitude and the work and the way they interact with their clients It's also clean, modern, bright - this is a wonderful dentist practice!
Robbie Morrison
Robbie Morrison
13:14 01 Aug 19
This is a very good dentist, would definitely recommend to use. The staff are very friendly and good at the Job. It is also very clean as well. Plus they offer free WIFI!
19:44 19 Jul 19
Not only is this a really nice dental surgery with ideal parking just across the road , the staff are all really friendly . I had a big procedure done with Jon which I was extremely nervous about however I cannot praise his work enough . Not only did he put me at ease through out my treatment with him , he genuinely is a really nice guy who makes you feel comfortable right away taking away the initial anxieties of being sat in that dental chair . His assistant is also a lovely lady who made every effort to reassure me throughout . Cannot recommend highly enough 🙂
Eleanor Stevens
Eleanor Stevens
09:43 12 Jul 19
I had a root canal treatment with Jon yesterday and I don't think I have ever had a better dental experience! Being a dental nurse myself I obviously know what sort of thing to expect during treatment but it still doesn't stop me being a bit apprehensive 😉 My treatment yesterday was completely painless and I felt very relaxed in the chair. Thank you to Jon and Sarah for being so caring during and after my treatment.
Suzanne Clark
Suzanne Clark
20:19 17 May 19
My elderly mother had been told that nothing could be done to improve her bottom teeth but Andrew didn't see a problem and has sorted her teeth out in no time, improving her bite and smile and giving mum her confidence back. Andrew, who is also my dentist, is not only a highly skilled dentist but he is also very kind and compassionate - giving one a very positive experience. We cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much Andrew and Lin.
anne entwisle
anne entwisle
14:18 08 Apr 18
Convenient appointment times available and friendly welcoming staff
Darling Fantush
Darling Fantush
14:48 04 Dec 17
This is a fantastic dentist, I have been to many and can say this is absolutely the best. My dentist always provides thorough information before, during and after treatments. They really care about the finish. My treatments are made as painless as possible. I like where it is situated.. the area is secluded not in a busy town with easy parking making it very stress free.
Philip Wicks
Philip Wicks
07:51 18 Oct 17
Competent and friendly team of dentists. On time appointments and easy to park in small pay and display car park opposite.
Clifton Asada
Clifton Asada
10:53 01 Sep 17
Very friendly, very professional and always had great service. Highly recommended.
Samir Jivraj
Samir Jivraj
19:51 29 Jul 17
I saw Jonathan Lee for dental treatment at Dental Elements. He managed to complete what was a technically difficult procedure to the highest standard and without causing any pain. Jon has a caring and friendly approach and I highly recommend Jon and his team.
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