NHS or Affordable Private

We are proud to offer patients a very different service at Dental Elements

There are lots of reasons why demand for private dental care continues to rise, there are some of the key reasons why people choose private treatment:

  • Every patient loves consistency with their dentist, if you like your dentist, you get to keep them!
  • We are accessible, with our open six day a week policy
  • We offer same day emergency slots and we aim to get treatment done in a timely manner so you aren’t waiting weeks or months for your dentist
  • We have experts and specialists on site all under one roof, so our patients often get a team looking after them. Two heads are better than one.

More choice

We offer all dental treatments that are currently available and are considered ‘best practice’. I.e. procedures that are recommended by research and are written about in literature.

We will always give the patient their treatment options, with the benefits and negatives of each clearly explained. This way we can offer different solutions that cost different amounts. Giving the patient true choice in their care with expert guidance.

We are not bounded by NHS rules and guidelines which can limit the treatment options available.

More time

Lots of our patients tell us that as an NHS patient in the past, they felt their appointments were more rushed and the treatment was often too spaced out over long time periods. As a private dental clinic which is open 6 days a week, we are able to offer you time – time to discuss your case, time to identify the best treatment plan and time to carry out that treatment to everyone’s satisfaction.

Private dentists tend to offer longer appointment times, meaning we can get to know your individually, your dental history, your fears and also what improvements you would like to make to your smile. It is likely that should you need a course of treatment over several appointments, you will be offered dates and times that reflect the ideal gaps between each phase of your treatment rather than long waits until the next available time slot.

You may decide that the NHS is right for you – talk to our reception team who can book you an appointment.

Our Fees
Dental Price list
Extended or new patient examination / consultation£55
Routine Examination£49
Digital intra-oral x-ray£10
Gum care
Hygienist visit£56
Child (Up to 16)£30
Gum therapy visit (at least 2 needed)£140 each
Silver (amalgam) fillings with low corrosion + faster setting
Small fillingfrom £65
Medium fillingfrom £80
Large fillingfrom £95
White composite fillings for a natural appearance + high strength
Small fillingfrom £85
Medium fillingfrom £125
Large fillingfrom £160
Core filling buildup£85
Gold inlay / onlay / crownfrom £650
Porcelain bonded crownfrom £600
Large fillingfrom £630
All ceramic crownsfrom £150
Post and corefrom £150
Conventional bridgework per unitfrom £550
Adhesive bridgefrom £750
DENTURES with high impact and natural gums and teeth
Acrylic partial denturefrom £415
Addition to acrylic denturefrom £95
Upper / lower acrylic full denturefrom
A full set of acrylic denturesfrom £950
Metal denturefrom £750
Routine / simple extractionsfrom £95
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